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Adoptable Dogs

Meet our Fabulous Dogs looking for Forever Families!

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Sampson & Delilah

Pit Bull Mixes

Sampson & Delilah are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. They do everything together and rely on each other for company and companionship. They are both approximately 4-6 years old and were found wandering together where they were picked up by animal control and made their way to our rescue. Delilah was used for repeated breeding and both were kept constantly kenneled and neglected in their past lives. Despite this they are amazing dogs! They are very even tempered and just love to give and receive affection. Eager to please and loving! They are very responsive to direction and know sit, wait, and down. Large dog breed experience is a must. Kids 13+ just due to their size. Sampson is 95lbs and Delilah is 85lbs. Since they are so bonded together, it would be best that they went to home without other dogs so they can continue their bond. They will be available to go to a forever home after 10/15/22.



Pit Bull

Nephele (pronounced Neff-ah-Lee)is looking for her forever home!  She’s a 60lb beautiful blue brindle girl who unfortunately was bought from a backyard breeder, overbred herself, and dumped at a pound after her family made their money off her puppies.  But we’ve got her and promised her No More Bad Days!

About Nephele:

2.5 years old

spayed and fully vaccinated 

energy level- med to high - daily walks needed

sweet- loves to give  

Playful!!!- loves to play fetch

smart- knows Sit, Down, Paw, and Drop it and wants to learn more!

would be a good playmate for another dog that is ok with high energy play- meet and greet required prior to adoption 

no cats

suffers from separation anxiety- so perfect adopter would be someone who doesn’t have to leave her for long stretches or willing to enroll her in a doggy daycare program.  Would be great for those who work from home, can bring her to the job or retirees!

dog saavy kids 13+ 

Adoptable Dogs: Meet the Team
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