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Sampson & Delilah

Pit Bull Mixes

Sampson & Delilah are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. They do everything together and rely on each other for company and companionship. They are both approximately 4-6 years old and were found wandering together where they were picked up by animal control and made their way to our rescue. Delilah was used for repeated breeding and both were kept constantly kenneled and neglected in their past lives. Despite this they are amazing dogs! They are very even tempered and just love to give and receive affection. Eager to please and loving! They are very responsive to direction and know sit, wait, and down. Large dog breed experience is a must. Kids 13+ just due to their size. Sampson is 95lbs and Delilah is 85lbs. Since they are so bonded together, it would be best that they went to home without other dogs so they can continue their bond. They will be available to go to a forever home after 10/15/22.



Pit Bull

Banksy is a 6 year old Blue Nose Pitbull that is a total LOVE!  He is nuetered, up to date on his vaccines, and gets along with other dogs and came from a home where there were kids over 10!  Lots of options for this 50 lb boi!  He loves playing ball and knows sit, wait, come, down, and drop it!  Looking for the home that will never leave him behind again!  If you are interested in Banksy, please fill out an application!

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Pit Bull

Cerus is (best guess) an English Bulldog/Bull Mastiff mix who will most likely fall into the category of "pit bull" He is approximately 3 years old and a strong, stubborn, independent bro who will also just melt your heart with his big eyes and squish face. Cerus came to our rescue with fear aggression towards men and terrified to be touched or lay on his back and had absolutely no manners at all. We have been working with him over the past year and he has made amazing strides and is ready for his forever home! He now walks respectfully on a leash- with the proper leash style, knows sit, down, wait and come, loves his crate for crate training, and will "drop it" for food. He enjoys cuddle time on his terms but it's daily... :) He is still incredibly stubborn, and likes to test the boundaries of rules, and he thinks everything belongs in his mouth. We think the right adopter is out there for him though because... he really is a good boi with the right owner! Ideal placement for him would be in a home with highly saavy dog owners with dog training experience, and prior bully breed experience. They will need to be committed to continued training and establishing clear and constant boundaries with assertive yet loving energy. Cerus does not respond well to anger or aggressive energy as our best guess someone tried to "train" him this way previously and it only instilled in him fear. He seems uninterested in other dogs, but he is definitely not a sharer, so would do best as an only dog- don't worry one Cerus is enough to keep you on your toes! Sorry no children or cats as he is a very dominant dog and would most likely push them around. If you are interested in Cerus more than one meet and greet would be required to ensure a good fit between him and potential adopter. We know he's a tough placement, but earning his love and respect and being able to give him a home where he knows he's a "good boi" is an amazing feeling! We know from experience!